Since its establishment in 1993, the company CZ Slovakia, a.s. has grown into a recognized real estate developer and investor in Slovak Republic.

CZ Slovakia, a.s.

Until 1997, the principal business activity was international commodity trading. Progressively, the business activities evolved and the company started to focus on purchase, development alt. reconstruction and subsequent sale or lease of real estate.

The strategic midterm goal of the company is the development of significant real estate projects. On long term basis the company focuses also on the lease of its own real estate portfolio.

The strong entrepreneurial spirit of CZ Slovakia, a.s. allows the company to follow the main objective of its business interests and thus creating a wide and balanced real estate portfolio. The stable value of assets and the experience that the company acquired over the years of its existence provide solid ground for sustainable growth. Our team of professionals is distinguished by their creativity, enthusiastic approach and the vision of powerful expansion.

Recently, the company is working on a number of real estate projects in different countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.